Inspired by the White House's decision in May of 2018 to release a coin commemorating peace talks with North Korea when real action has yet to take place, I decided to start work on my own series of commemorative coins. My goal is to highlight the corruption within this administration while also asserting a record of factual events.

With the constant onslaught of breaking news, the American public is at risk of becoming numb to events and situations that with any other president would have been unacceptable. Many Americans are already past that point, having mentally recalibrated themselves to cope with the reality of the daily news cycle. Even worse, we have an administration that continues to attack our most important check to power — a free press — and with it, truth.

Each coin depicts an actual event related to the current administration, using confirmed facts as a basis for design and text. Production of each coin will be limited to an edition of 1,000 plus artist proof coins.